Ultimate Guide: Best Bass Lures Rated by Seasoned Anglers

Before you head out to the local fishing hole and try your hand at bass fishing, you’ll need to understand how the different bass lures work and which ones you should buy to increase your odds of landing plenty of fish.

Bass Lure Buying Guide

Arguably, many anglers feel that crankbait lures are at the top of the list of best bass lures. Crankbait lures are able to move over a large body of water in a short amount of time. They can be used in shallow water conditions and vegetation. This kind of bait typically has a one piece, solid body with two to three hooks attached to it.

The spinner bait is a blade shaped option that can be brought in very quickly and can move through even the thickest covers. The base of the spinner allows a fish to move around quickly while staying in place, yet it gives the impression that the lure is moving. This is the perfect choice for instances where there is plenty of vegetation or rocks in the spot you’re fishing in or it’s really windy out.

The topwater lure features an appearance that’s a mixture of a small protruding end that’s flexible and a solid body. This is perfect for shallow water but it also works well in spots where vegetation is covering the water.

A jig can also be added to your collection. Jigs feature a series of strands that are light in weight and flow around in the water. Jigs are soft and in some cases, can let off a shine.

How a lure looks can make a big difference. In some cases, lures feature a vibrant shine, while in others, they may just feature a flat silver tone with a touch of color on one end, for a more realistic look. Regardless, the lure must look realistic in some manner.

The lure’s shine will be more important. The shine allows for increased visibility, making it easier for fish to find. This is even more important when you’re fishing in shallow waters and there’s plenty of light reflecting on the water.

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Quick Lure Tips

  • The average size of a standard bass lure isn’t that big, but they’re large enough to be noticeable to fish. Typically, the lure weighs around a quarter of an ounce, which helps to increase the lure’s movement in the water, giving it a more realistic look.
  • When it comes to length, you can expect most models to measure in at five to fifteen centimeters. A lure with a series of strings attached may be slightly longer. Some of the biggest lures can even measure in at two inches, but these are used mainly for wide open spots where the fish may be a little further off from the line.
  • For fishing success, keeping a lure intact is critical, so you’ll need to search for a model that has a reputation for durability.

There are plenty of things you can do to find a lure that will meet your fishing needs and criteria and to get the best catch possible. Looking at different bait styles can help you narrow down your search based on your local watering hole or even the type of bass you enjoy fishing.

An In-Depth look at Bass Lure Styles

For most anglers, the tranquility of bass fishing is enough to keep them hooked to the fishing experience, but the real excitement comes from hooking a lot of fish during a trip. Any angler knows that using the right equipment is essential for catching fish and selecting the right lures for a wide variety of conditions is just as crucial as the reel and rod you use. There are five main types of lures to choose from for bass fishing. Out of the five main types, three of them are perfect for beginners, however, they can also be also used by seasoned anglers.

Common Lure Types

The most common type of lure is soft bait, which is also used for catching other species of fish. This kind of lure is available in many different shapes including frogs, worms and other types of creatures that will lure in bass.

Additionally, soft baits also come in a variety of colors ranging from bright neon to neutral. An angler might need to try out different sizes, colors, and shapes, in order to find a lure that’s the most effective for catching the attention of fish.

While this process may seem tedious, soft lures are often one of the cheapest options, allowing the fisherman to fill their tackle box with a large assortment that they can use to experiment with, in order to find the best combinations. This style of lure is easy to use in any type of weather and can also be used in both fresh and saltwater.

Crankbait lures- When to Use

Another type of popular lure we touched on earlier is crankbait. This type of lure is also referred to as plugs and they’re available in a wide range of sizes designed for catching different species of bass. White bass, which is a smaller species, can easily be caught using crankbait. To land white bass, you’ll need to use a larger crankbait.

In addition to choosing the right lure based on the size of the species, you’ll also need to consider the plastic lip size. Lures with a larger lip can go further below the water’s surface, making them perfect for boat fishing on a lake or in the ocean. A smaller plastic lip will be perfect for fishing in shallow waters. Like with most styles of lures, you’ll need to experiment with different colors and sizes in order to increase your chances of landing fish.

Using a jig is another popular option because they’re very easy to use, which is why they’re a good choice for beginners. Jig lures feature a hook that is heavy enough to allow it to sink to the bottom of the pond or lake. This type of hook is usually made from tungsten or metal, and they’re ideal for use in water where the bottoms are grassy or rocky because they can prevent the line from getting hung. Soft bait can be used in combination with a jig in order to increase your chances of attracting bass.

For anglers with more experience, there are a couple of types of lures that you can use for catching different species of bass. While experts can use all five lure types, they often choose to use spinnerbaits or surface lures to increase their chances of landing a trophy bass. While these lures can be difficult to use, a beginner can also experiment with them in order to learn how to properly use them and to develop techniques that will draw more fish to their line.

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The surface lure is a type of bait that’s used frequently by pros. This type of lure floats on the water’s surface while making noise and bobbing to attract fish. A bass is attracted to this kind of lure because of the position and movement of the bait is designed to mimic prey such as injured fish or lizards. This type of lure is perfect for attracting larger species of bass, however, they can be pretty difficult to use compared to other lure options. You’ll also need to use different casting techniques and move your line throughout the water in order to improve your chances of attracting fish. This can take some experience, skill, and plenty of practice.

Spinnerbait can also be the best choice of lure for landing a trophy fish. This type of lure is able to attract some of the bigger species of bass found. This lure is made of wire, with blades located at the bottom. The placement of the blades allows the lure to spin quickly through the water, which is what gives this lure its name. Larger models will spin even faster, making them a good choice for warm water fishing. During the colder months of the year when a fish is conserving its energy, smaller blades will give the lure the right amount of speed to attract bass. In muddy waters, a large spinnerbait can still move very quickly through the water, increasing visibility to the fish, which will also increase your odds of landing one. Smaller spinnerbaits can be used in clear water. This type of lure can also be customized and is considered the most versatile type of lure. However, using one can be pretty tricky so they’re often mainly used by the angler with more experience. This style is also available in many different shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Spinnerbait Blade Types

There are also three different kinds of blades you can choose from for your spinnerbait. Each blade type is used based on conditions. These blade types include Indiana/Oklahoma, willow, and Colorado.

  1. The Colorado blades are round and vibrate the most. This style of blade is best used in colder waters because they allow for slow retrieval from fish who are more sluggish during the colder months.
  2. The willow blade is shaped like a football, featuring tapered ends. This type of blade doesn’t move as fast as a Colorado blade and doesn’t vibrate. However, they’re able to be reeled in more quickly. They’re also typically flashier and shinier than a Colorado blade, which can be very helpful when it comes to attracting a certain species of bass.
  3. The Oklahoma, also known as the Indiana blade, is tapered on only one end, and they fall somewhere in between the other two types of blades we discussed. These blades feature more flash than the standard Colorado blade, but they vibrate like a willow blade.

Final Thoughts on Bass Fishing Lures

After taking into consideration personal preference, bass species, and water conditions, not to mention skill level, you should now be ready to choose the best bass lures. Many avid fishermen will use many of these lures, or even all of them for every fishing trip and try out each type to get a feel for what the bass are more attracted to at that time. Since one type isn’t considered the best, an angler should test out a variety of types in addition to using different reeling, movement, and casting methods to increase their chances of landing more fish.

When you first stock up on lures, this hobby can become pretty expensive, but ultimately, the more you spend on lures, the better your chances of finding the right combination that will offer the best results. You may even want to get advice from a seasoned angler who can recommend the most appealing lures based on your skill level or local water conditions.

Top Bass Lures: Comparison Chart

LureAvailable ColorsAvailable SizesQuick DescriptionPrice ComparisonSee Lowest Price
Live Target frog
Topwater bait
Live Target Hollow Body Frog Bass Lure
Available in ten colorsAvailable in four sizes This lure is the perfect choice for lakes and ponds that are choked with vegetation, however, the lure loses much of its accuracy in windy conditions.$$$$See Lowest Price
Jerkbait lure
Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure
Thirteen color options Available in one size This is a highly realistic looking lure, however, while the body remains intact, over time, the lure tends to lose its realistic edge due to poor release techniques that can easily damage the exterior.$$$$$See Lowest Price
Live Target sunfish
Live Target Sunfish Hollow Body Fishing Bait
Available in twelve colorsAvailable in two sizesA topwater fishing favorite, this lure is perfect for the advanced angler, but because it requires a little fancy footwork to land some serious bites, we don't recommend it for beginners.$$$See Lowest Price

Best Selling Top 3 Quick Looks

Live Target Hollow Body Frog Bass Lure Review

The Live Target frog bass lure is our top-rated product and a model that has anglers impressed. This is a hollow body style topwater lure that features a very realistic appearance and good motion. It’s also easy to use, which makes it a good choice for beginners, however, many seasoned anglers can also benefit from use. The frog’s realistic appearance and the manner in which it sits in the water are why this lure is such a hit in the fishing world.

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Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure Review

The Rapala X-Rap jerkbait XR10 fishing lure is currently one of Rapala’s top selling models. This is a jerkbait lure that’s available in a wide range of colors, so you can make your choice based on what the local fish are known to bite.  The lure features an innovative design that’s packed with speed and power. It’s also equipped with a cast system, which is a lure feature you won’t find anywhere else.

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Live Target Sunfish Hollow Body Fishing Bait Review

The Live Target Sunfish is another topwater hollow body lure we reviewed and one that’s both fun and easy to use. This award-winning lure is very realistic looking, can be cast at great distances and has quite a bit to offer in terms of usability. This very detailed lure can be easily manipulated in the water, which makes it a great choice for the beginner. This model also allows you to easily walk it or dance it, ensuring that you’ll get a ton of action each and every time.

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