Live Target Hollow Body Frog Bass Lure Review

The Live Target hollow body frog bass topwater lure features such an impressive level of detail that it can fool any fish. The hollow soft body design compresses to reveal the inner hooks. This lure is ideal for fishing spots that are choked with vegetation.

Live Target is a company that’s known for their quality lures and hooks and durable bait. This topwater bait features a flawless design that walks easier and better than most other models of frogs on the market.  The life-like design and the loud rattle it emits will really attract fish, drawing them in. The hooks are incredibly sharp and will remain securely pinned. The lure’s best feature is how it’s positioned in the water. The manufacturer definitely nailed it here. The tail hook perfectly hangs in the water, which makes it impossible to miss when fish blow up on it.

Live Target Lure Overview and Features

This is one sweet lure that has a lot to offer in terms of quality components and a very realistic look that’s sure to fool most bass. You’ll love the ability to choose a different color based on your surroundings and the type of bass you’re fishing and the sheer quality of the lure combined with the sharpness of the hooks ensures that you’ll use this topwater lure every year. This lure is also priced affordably, which means you can stock up on your favorite sizes or build your lure kit arsenal for the upcoming season.

The walking frog design will ensure that the angler is able to get some serious casting distance when needed. The rattle/weight system and slim design make it easy to cast, however, because of the size and weight it can hit the water a little hard, so it will take some practice to get your landing down.

Topwater bait mainly relies on how they’re able to move in the water, in addition to their sit when they’re paused.  The manufacturer did a fine job of creating a bait that knows how to sit, which the tail placed downwards at a forty-five-degree angle. This really gives the fish the perfect view of their target.

Obviously, just as important as the pause, the walk is also crucial. We liked that this simple design makes it easy to learn a number of cadences, either moving tight and fast or wide and loose, depending on what you want to achieve.

The lure offers a superior hook-up ratio that’s primarily based on the way the frog is positioned in the water, but hook quality is also important. This is one of those rare hooks that you don’t immediately remove the treble hooks on. These are sharp and strong, so you shouldn’t mess with a good thing.

This lure is available in four sizes and a number of colors including brown black, emerald brown, green yellow, tan brown, white, four green yellow, green and brown, green and sienna, and yellow black.

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Fishing with this Live Target Topwater Bait

Topwater Lures are probably about the most exciting lures you can fish with.  This Live Target lure is very protective and can out-fish other types of commonly used techniques when fishing for bass. Generally, this lure will be the most effective in warm to cool water. This model should be your go-to choice if the water temperature is above fifty-five degrees. You should take it for a spin first thing in the morning or late evening.

For better line and lure control, keep the rod tip up. You can also add a trailer for lift and buoyancy. When short strikes occur, you’ll need to add a trailer hook, as long as the terrain permits. For better casting accuracy with this lure, point the rod tip towards where you want to land. The lure will work to tighten the land and line, enabling you to get the lure on plane much sooner. Instead of setting the hook by sight, set the hook by feel to improve your strike catch ratio.

Typically, this type of lure will work the best in the fall, summer, and in the late spring. In hotter weather, it will produce on schooling bass found in dense cover. This topwater is an excellent choice for fishing in open waters and shallow shorelines.

The color of frog you choose should match closely to the baitfish in the area than bottom-dwelling creatures. It should also match the surroundings in a general way. So, a white frog will be a better choice than a brown one. However, for night fishing you’ll want to choose a darker frog because the color tends to stand out more dramatically against the night sky to a fish that’s looking upward. The green and yellow combination will be a good choice in many reservoirs and lakes because it matches the colors of many types of bait. At times, a brighter color such as red or orange can add to the lure’s productivity. Smallmouth bass usually prefers outrageously colored lures, such as sienna and orange.

Live Target Bass Lure Pros and Cons

Pros: The different size options will allow you to purchase a lure based on the type of bass you’re planning to fish, while the many color options will allow you to purchase lures based on your favorite fishing spots.

Cons: Consumers didn’t have much negative feedback for this lure. Often, the most common complaint beginners had was their inability to land a fish, but ultimately, this issue has more to do with poor technique and no experience with bass fishing.

If you’re looking for something a little tougher, such as a dependable jerkbait, check out the Rapala X-rap.

Hollow Body Frog Topwater Lure Conclusion and Rating

Anglers who purchased the Live Target hollow body frog lure couldn’t say enough positive things about the frog’s realistic look, and color and size options. The lure sits and pauses well, and looks very life-like, which is why it received such a high consumer rating of five out of five stars for overall quality, making it one of the best bass lures on the market.

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