Live Target Sunfish Hollow Body Fishing Bait Review

One of the most fun ways to catch any species of fish is through topwater fishing. It’s all about the visual excitement you’ll experience when you see a fish smash through the water’s surface. But what makes topwater fishing even more awesome is using the right bait and this involves a bait that can be fished effectively in both cover and open water. The Live Target Sunfish hollow body fishing bait caught our interest because they offer a realistic, clean look that’s sure to hook any bass.

Live Target is a company that catches our attention, again and again, thanks to their dedication to continuing to design and produce innovative and highly realistic lures that are not only built strong but with durability and versatility in mind. Many anglers swear by the Live Target hollow body frog, which was another reason we decided to take a closer look at the Sunfish to see how it measured up.

Live Target Sunfish Rundown and Features

At first glance, the Sunfish can almost pass for a small hard plastic swimbait. Once you take it out of the tight packaging, however, the body’s softness is very apparent. The realistic, vibrant coloration is actually very impressive. You’ll also find a ton of detailing on the gills, scales, and fins, in addition to subtle color accents and shifts. The vertically oriented line tie and the incredibly sharp Trokar hook rounds out this top-notch lure.

Mastering the necessary cadence that can make this lure dance around doesn’t take much concentration. All you need to do is make small twitches with the rod tip and this fish dances and walks easily. The walking action can range from a full 180-degree swings to short back and forth pops. This lure can also be swiftly manipulated through vegetation. Using a quick snap of your rod you can make this bait fly out of the water.

Thanks to the compact body and low weight, the Sunfish can be launched a long distance. Using a backhand cast, you can also skip it decently. The only problem with the lure occurs when the hook points collect moss or other types of vegetation, but this is to be expected. At times a small amount of water can get inside the body, but this doesn’t seem to affect the action at all.

Many anglers were curious about the durability and hookup ratio. For most anglers, the hookup ratio is considered fair. The lure will get bit a ton and you’ll definitely hook a good number of bass, but you’ll probably also miss a modest amount. The overall durability is average as the paint wears and fairs after a decent amount of use. however, the plastic construction holds together quite nicely.

The manufacturer was pretty generous with the number of color options available, offering an impressive twelve patterns to choose from, which can make picking just one a bit tough. Overall, this lure is an impressively realistic representation of a sunfish.

bass caught with lure

Sunfish Bass Lure Pros and Cons

Pros: The compact nature and weight of this lure allow the angler to accurately cast it at quite a great distance. The lure is available in two size options: three inches and three and a half inches. Working as a topwater lure, this model is very versatile considering in works well in both open water and vegetation. Many anglers were pleased with just how easy to use the lure truly is. Depending on how you twitch it, this lure offers plenty of different actions. A quick twitch provides a very tight walk, while a long twitch creates a wider walk on retrieve. The angler can also twitch it when it’s forward facing with a slack-free line. This causes the Sunfish to hop out of the water in an action that’s eerily similar to that of a dying bluegill. The lure’s considerable size and design allow you to cast it further so you can handle plenty of thick cover with just one cast.

Cons: Some anglers felt that the lure was so heavy that it was not very aerodynamic in windy weather, although it can still be cast easily at a great distance. But if you’re going for accuracy and distance, then this can be an issue. Over time, the body will take in quite a bit of water, so you’ll probably want to give it a few squeezes periodically throughout the day.

While the hooks are very sharp and strong, they tend to hug the body too closely for some users. To remedy this, you can bend the hooks upwards away from the bait at about an eighth of an inch.

The sheer size of the lure can cause a huge splash when you cast, potentially scaring off any nearby fish.

Some anglers also felt that the classic hollow body frog by Live Target was a much better option that provided superior positioning and water performance, but ultimately, this is all about angler preference.

Live Target Bass Lure Conclusion and Rating

 The Live Target Sunfish hollow body is a topwater bait that you’ll find yourself constantly throwing. Not only is it fun to fish with because it can be tossed in so many areas and it’s easy to use, but you’ll love just fishing with a type of bait that’s so different. Once you use the Sunfish you’ll see why it won the ICAST best lure award back in 2016. Anglers who purchased this lure gave it a high rating of four and a half out of five stars for ease if use, durability, realistic design, and overall quality.

This topwater fishing lure definitely brings something different and new to the topwater fishing game, offering a different type of profile and action that can be just what’s needed to draw a strike. While a little on the pricey side, if your budget allows, we definitely recommend buying the Sunfish to use for as a new and exciting way to entice your local bass.

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