Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure Review

The Rapala X-Rap jerkbait XR10 fishing lure pulls you into the latest in lure technology. The design represents a significant improvement and advancement for Rapala, one that has plenty of fishermen buying up these lures in bulk. This model offers a new take on a classic design coupled with some pretty cool extra strike triggers and advanced features. So, read on to find out just how extreme this new generation of bass bait really is and how we felt it handled out on the water.

Rapala X-Rap Fishing Lure Assessment and Features

Rapala is one of the leaders in the fishing lure industry and while they’re probably best known for their lures, they also sell an extensive line of tools, reels, and branded rods. But for most seasoned anglers, the first thought that comes to mind when they hear the name Rapala is their famous crankbait. For many years, this company has represented premium crankbait models, delivering both strike inspiring action and high-quality finishes. In the past few years, Yozuri, a Japanese manufacturer has redefined what premium crankbait is, making the line produced by Rapala seem like a steal when you compare prices.

When we first took a look at the X-Rap, we were definitely impressed with this Jerkbait and the overall quality, not to mention the distinct torpedo-like profile. Unlike most lures by this company, the finish was different in that the coloration rested underneath the thick body instead of just under the protective coating. the finish is equipped with a scale design, but it doesn’t look very realistic when compared to Rapala’s higher priced competitors. The competitors will actually place synthetic scales directly on the lure’s surface. But lures equipped with realistic scaling are actually much more prone to damage.

The X-Rap is a dressed rear hook model that comes complete with flash strips. This lure is available in thirteen different colors and depending on the body pattern, the dressed hook will vary in color.

xrap bass fishing lureThis lure isn’t just designed for bass, you can also use it when fishing for tarpon, redfish, snook, walleye, trout, salmon, and pike. We found that most anglers preferred to use this lure with largemouth bass in local reservoirs. Many anglers remarked that the lure looked like the ideal model for ripping up stripers.

So, can the X-Rap really incite a frenzy of stripper action?

This is one easy lure to cast and not only because it’s so lightweight, but also because it offers a proprietary long cast system which works by shifting the weight during outcast. Using this type of system, the lure is able to be easily cast and can be done so very accurately. Most anglers found the system worked consistently even after months of use. Overall, most users were impressed that the company put a cast system into this model, and it totally makes sense that the lure is designed to quickly cover vast amounts of water. Once the lure is in the water, the cast control system also plays into the action by rattling.

While classified as a jerkbait lure, Rapala has classified this particular model as slashbait. But what’s the reason behind this? Instead of just a tight lurch forward, which is what most types of jerkbaits will give you, with the X-Rap, there’s a variety of ways to fish the bait that can incite a pretty aggressive side to side tracking. There are actually a few different ways to retrieve this lure: sweep retrieve, hard snap, or constant. With the constant retrieve, there’s a constant draw of line with no rod movement. When you use this style to retrieve, the lure doesn’t impart much action, and many anglers have had little success using this technique to get fish to follow or strike. In many cases, this will require plenty of rod movement.

The best way to fish with this model is using the snap retrieve. Have the rod tip pointing towards the water, using a few short pulls followed by a pause. This will create a forward snap that’s very aggressive, causing the lure to come back to you while using a very narrow track. This model moves erratically from side to side, causing curious fish to instantly take notice. This is a fantastic technique to use in shallow water.

The sweep retrieve is another good option that involves moving the entire rod in a sweep motion, causing the lure to glide from side to side using less erratic motions. The lure will also come back on a wider track.

X-Rap Bass Fishing Lure Pros and Cons

Pros: When it comes to durability, this model stands up better than most. The finish and the color are encased under the body, which is made from thick plastic, so it’s well protected even after months of use. The wide variety of color options will allow you to choose your lure based on your surroundings and the type of bass you’re hoping to land. The lure’s erratic movements are very realistic and can easily be mistaken for an injured animal or baitfish.

Cons: The lure’s dressed hook is more prone to damage. and can lose some feathers after a double-digit striper attack. Feathers can also come off if you tend to use pliers to dislodge the hook for your catch.

If this jerkbait just isn’t your style for bass fishing, anglers recommend the Live Target hollow body Sunfish bass lure, which also offers excellent movement and positioning in the water, and it’s earned a pretty stellar reputation when it comes to hooking largemouth bass.

Rapala Jerkbait Conclusion and Rating

This is one entertaining lure to fish with, and your arms will get a serious workout, depending on how aggressive your retrieval method is. The lure’s erratic action does a good job of mimicking baitfish, depending on how the angler works it. Anglers who purchased this lure gave it a high rating of four and a half out of five stars for durability, finish, excellent movement, and overall quality.

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