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Fly Fishing Net

Going fishing is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities, especially during the hot months of the year. Fishing is fun, considering the many varieties of fish available in our oceans, lakes, and rivers. People who reside near these water bodies enjoy fish as their basic delicacy.

Fish is known to be very vital in the human body, and if you don’t live anywhere near a fishing area, you can always buy one from the market. Fishing enthusiasts like me enjoy having the right equipment for such an undertaking. I make sure that one of the essentials that I have is a perfect flying fishing net.

It took me some time to research and find the best fly fishing net that suited my needs. I can tell you for sure that it can be overwhelming for you, too, when choosing the right one for your fishing requirements. Therefore, I compiled this list of six of the best fly fishing nets to make your work easier.

Our Top 6 Best Fly Fishing Nets

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Top 6 Fly Fishing Nets Breakdown:

I have used different fly fishing nets before, but this one takes the lead. This product comes with all the necessary features to make your fishing experience smooth and enjoyable. It is made from a composite of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Such a mixture ensures that this item is durable and has a long lifespan. When you consider this product’s weight of 430g (0.95pounds), you will realize it is quite lightweight. Such a weight makes it easy to carry this net all day without getting tired.

The net is also weatherproof, waterproof, and its buoyancy (ability to float) is unrivaled. This means that it will float in case you accidentally drop it in water. Additionally, the net is made of clear rubber so that you can always have a look at your catch.

The product has a RiverKoat finish that guarantees a sturdy grip even when it is wet.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Replaceable rubber net
  • Storage rubber bag included


  • Not ideal for large fish
  • Expensive

The name says it all! This is a powerful and necessary fly fishing net that you ought to have whenever you go fishing. This is the product that comes to my mind when I think of large fly fishing nets. This product’s standard version measures 26 x 30 inches, with a 48 inches long handle and a net depth of 38 inches.

I recommend this net to anyone targeting big fish like salmon. It would be very disappointing to lose a good catch because you are using a small or low-quality fly fishing net. Unlike the traditional fly fishing nets, the handle to the Frabill Power Catch Net is ergonomically designed to eliminate torque and roll-over.

Indeed, products from the Frabill brand don’t come at a low price. However, I cannot compromise on quality when aiming for the big catches, either in fresh or saltwater. The net’s handle slides through the patented Pow’R Lok yoke for easier and more convenient storage.

The 32 x 41 hoop comes in a hexagonal design that reduces drag. The dual “I-Beam” extrusion that spans the entire hoop increases this product’s overall strength and performance.


  • Ideal for large fish species
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy storage
  • Available in larger sizes


  • Expensive
  • The plastic handle may slide off when wet

This is another great fly fishing net that I found during my research, ideal for any fishermen. It doesn’t matter if you are using a boat, canoe, or a raft. This net is a worthy addition to your fly fishing excursion. Its overall length is about 40.5 inches, which gives you the freedom to reach the fish from a distance.

Its buoyancy is enhanced by the laminated hardwood material used in manufacturing the net. This feature is ideal, especially if you are using a boat because the net floats when dropped in water. The net is made from clear and soft rubber, which does not cause damage to delicate fish and is ideal for catch and release purposes.

You can confidently connect this fly fishing product to a zinger or leash using its brass swivel fixed at the handle’s rear end. The net’s basket measures 19 x 13 inches, and it has a depth of approximately 13 inches.


  • Beautiful design
  • Long wooden handle
  • Tangle-free basket
  • Clear and soft rubber net


  • Not ideal for large fish
  • The laminated handle may be slippery when wet

Fishing is fun, but as I go about it, I ensure that the products I use do not harm or spook the fish. The FunVZU Fly Fishing Net is one of my favorite items on this list. With its soft rubber mesh, you can be sure that the fish you catch will not be harmed.

Additionally, the net virtually disappears when immersed in the water; thus, it does not spook the fish. One feature that makes me love this product is its sturdy magnetic kit attached to the wooden frame’s top. This kit enables the attachment of the net to the vest or backpack when fishing.

You don’t have to worry about dropping the net in the water or placing it on the ground as the magnetic kit keeps it in place on your back. There is also an attached safety cord 18.3 inches long, enabling you to hang the net on your waist or back to prevent it from falling into the water. The product also comes with a strong and durable wooden handle, which offers a tight and comfortable grip.

The net’s hoop size measures 15.2 x 10.7 inches and has a basket depth of about 10.6 inches. The overall length of this fly fishing net is 23.6 inches. The item also features a copper swivel at the rear end of the handle, which rotates 360 degrees for convenient and easy maneuverability.


  • Fish-friendly soft rubber mesh
  • Attached safety cord
  • A magnetic kit for hanging
  • Comfortable and easy grip
  • Durable wooden make


  • Not ideal for large fish
  • Not so buoyant

I know that great fishers are molded from a very young age. For this reason, the PLUSINNO brand has created just the perfect fishing net that will help you teach your kid (s) this amazing exercise of fly fishing. I love the elegant and colorful design that will make you and your kid enjoy using this product.

Just because this fly fishing net is meant for kids, it doesn’t mean that it is of low quality. This product comes in a design and is made from materials similar to those of an adult fishing net. The net is made of polyester fibers and sturdy quadrilateral structure mesh that ensures the item’s durability.

Additionally, the net’s handle is anti-skid and made from retractable carbon fiber, making the net durable, solid, and lightweight. The net’s opening measuring 11.4″ (L) x 11″ (W) and a 9-inch depth make it large enough to accommodate a medium-sized fish. One thing I love most about this fly fishing net for kids is that it is detachable and extendable.

This feature comes in handy when transporting and storing the net. The net’s nylon mesh is waterproof and fast-drying, eliminating the risk of being waterlogged or trapping unnecessary odors. The retractable handle can be adjusted from 28.4 inches to 40.3 inches in length to suit your child’s needs.


  • Adjustable handle
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof mesh
  • Detachable for easy storage
  • Attractive rainbow colors


  • Suitable for small fish
  • No safety cord included

This is the last item I have for you on this list. I found this product manufactured by ODDSPRO ideal for people who are confused about what size to get. With this fish landing net, you have the freedom to choose from three different sizes, depending on your needs and preferences.

However, the quality and functionality of this product do not depend on size. This fly fishing net comes with a knotless nylon mesh that is fish-friendly to prevent hurting aquatic life. The durability and strength of the handle and hoop are enhanced by the mixture of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass. This material also makes the whole item lightweight and impact-resistant.

The handle is coated with a non-slip cover for a firm and comfortable grip even when wet. Additionally, it ensures that the fishing net stays in your hands even in vigorous fishing situations. Carrying the net is easy and convenient. The product features a special belt clip, making it foldable and collapsible for easy transport and storage.

The nylon mesh is waterproof, and it does not absorb any odors. The ODDSPRO Foldable Fishing net comes in three sizes with the following features:

  • A 59″ adjustable telescopic pole, weighs 18.7 ounces, a 21.7 x 17.7 inches hoop, and a 14″ depth.
  • A 39″ adjustable telescopic pole, weighs 14.3 ounces, a 15.8 x 13 inches hoop, and an 11″ depth.
  • A 31.5″ fixed pole, weighs 12 ounces, a 15.8 x 13 inches hoop, and a depth of 10 inches.

Your needs and budget will determine the choice you make.


  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Firm and comfortable grip
  • Waterproof
  • Fish-friendly nylon mesh
  • Foldable and collapsible


  • The small version is not ideal for big fish
  • Nylon mesh may not be durable.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Fly Fishing Net

As humans, our preferences and tastes differ significantly. In the market today, you will find a wide variety of fly fishing nets. It may be challenging to get the best that suits your needs. Therefore, to help you out, I curated some considerations to be made the next time you go shopping for these kinds of nets:

Your Budget

Having a budget in place will prevent overspending. Like with their sizes, fly fishing nets can have wide variances in their prices. However, as I go out to the market, I always remember that quality products carry a higher price tag. This does not guarantee that expensive nets are of high quality. It would help if you also considered other factors.

Make/ Model

The material used in the manufacture of the fly fishing net that you choose will determine its durability, strength, and usability. Many materials are used in making these products, but the most common ones are wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Wood is used to give the landing nets high buoyancy and a classic appearance. On the other side, aluminum and fiberglass are modern materials for making fly fishing nets that are strong and light.

Net Size

The fish in a lake, river, ocean, and other water bodies come in different sizes and weights. Therefore, the nets used to catch them should also vary in size. The thumb rule here is to ensure that the net you choose is large enough to accommodate the largest fish you expect to catch.

It is vital to remember that there are fly fishing nets for kids available in today’s market. Get the ideal landing net for your young angler to prevent inconvenience when fishing. I have included one of the best fly fishing nets for children in this article.

Handle Grip

It is devastating when your fly fishing net slides right from your hands and into the water. For aluminum and fiberglass nets, the most common material used in making the handle is plastic. This increases the friction between the handle and your hand to ensure that it does not slip as you land your catch.

Wooden fly fishing nets usually come with a wooden handle as well.

Best Fly Fishing Vest

Type Of Fishing

This depends on the type of fish that you want to catch. Nets with short handles and small baskets are ideal for catching small fish, such as rainbow trout or wild brown. Additionally, they are compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry them from point A to point B.

If you are going to fish on a large water body, such as an ocean, I recommend getting a big net. It should have a strong and long handle that will help you land the fish soonest possible. Normally, such nets come with large baskets that help you catch larger fish, including salmon, steelhead, and Muskie.

Buy From A Trusted Source

Several officiated stores deal with fishing equipment. The staff in such stores will be resourceful in helping you make the right decision. Avoid unknown dealers to minimize the risk of being a fraud or con victim.

Fly Fighing Vest

How is Fly Fishing Different from Normal Fishing?

When I started fishing as my hobby, I did not know that there were different fishing activities. I was just aware of the regular spin and bait fishing method. The most significant difference between these methods is that in fly fishing, the hook runs through the air courtesy of the line’s weight.

In the traditional methods, the casting distance is given by the sinker or lure’s weight fixed at the end of the monofilament or braided line. When fly fishing was introduced, fishers used natural materials to tie the flies. However, the use of synthetic materials has become rampant nowadays.

The artificial flies we use today are of different types, including insect-like imitations, baitfish or crustaceans, and ‘attractors’ that attract the fish. Such flies are made by hooking feathers, hairs, fur, or other natural and synthetic materials. Fly fishing is a popular method for catching three main types of fish: salmon, trout, and grayling.

However, while fishing for these ‘main species’, I have caught other species, such as bream and rudd. Today, the advancement in technology and the innovation of stronger reels and rods have enabled us to focus fly fishing on larger saltwater species, such as wahoo, sharks, and tuna. If you have the appropriate gear and a perfect replica of the food source by the fly, you can catch any fish using this method.

Final Thoughts

The fun brought by the fishing activity is incomparable. However, we all want to have a good time and take home the best fish at the end of our fishing excursion. Such is impossible if you lack the necessary and essential fishing equipment.

Fly fishing is an exercise that has been there for quite a while. This is why manufacturers are doing all they can to develop the best fly fishing equipment in today’s market. Making the right choice may be challenging and time-consuming as you check different brands and what they have to offer.

Therefore, I came up with the above six of the best fly fishing nets to help you in your decision-making. Personally, I prefer the ODDSPRO Foldable Fly Fishing Net. Besides giving you the freedom to choose the right size, this product is waterproof and lightweight.

The first two sizes (59″ and 39″) have adjustable telescopic poles for easier use. Anyway, I cannot decide for you. The ball is on your court. All the best!

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