Live Target Hollow Body Frog Bass Lure Review

Live Target Hollow Body Bass Lure Review

One of the challenges of buying a new lure is you won’t know how good it is until you try it out. That’s why we’re here to give you the details of the LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog Lure. In addition to the features, we’ll tell you who it’s best for, where you can use it, the kinds of fish you can catch with it, and much more. We understand that it’s easy to suffer from choice paralysis because of the many fishing products on the market. Our review of the Hollow Body Frog will hopefully help you make an informed decision on whether to spend money on this item.

Walking the Frog

It would be best if you caught a fish’s eye before you catch them. One of the most common and effective ways to attract your water prey is by “walking the dog.” That’s why this lure is hollow; it was made to float on the surface and make this technique easy. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’d be able to “walk the frog” with minimal difficulty. Indeed it doesn’t move like an actual frog, but the fish doesn’t know that. You can utilize this technique in ponds or lakes, whether the water is open or filled with weeds. When fishing for bass, soft body weedless designs are well worth the money.

Being hollow, you might be worried about the lure constantly getting filled with water with each cast. However, you won’t need to empty it every time you reel it in. It can take multiple throws before you need to squeeze the water out. There have been other fishermen who said that they do it every 8-10 casts. That might still be a problem for some anglers, but we prefer these odds over emptying the hollow frog every time. With proper casting and technique, you don’t have to worry about this lure sinking or diving into the water very much.

livetraget bass lure

Set the Hook with Ease

There seems to be an inconsistency in the fishing community when it comes to setting the hook. Some say you should do it after half a second while others do it immediately. Both professionals and casual anglers can be found on both sides of the debate. With the LiveTarget hollow body lure, however, the answer is a bit more clear. You are more likely to catch fish with this lure if you immediately set the hook. The reason for this lies in the overall design of the hollow frog.

Unlike other plastic frog lures, this one is soft. The hook can pierce the fish’s lips with minimal difficulty due to how collapsable the hollow body is. It also helps you catch aquatic prey with humble bites. Not every fish you capture is going to be a frenzied fight. Some fish sneak up on their prey and swallow them while barely disturbing the water’s surface tension. It’s these subtle bites that are easy to miss unless you have a lure like the LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog.

Your Target Fish

This topwater lure is for the bigger game. More specifically, you can catch bass with it. We know that it’s tough enough determining the conditions on which you can fish for this species. Details like the time of year, temperature, and which part or depth of the water can vary heavily. The LiveTarget Frog can help narrow down some options. For example, this topwater lure is utilized best in shallow waters with plenty of plant life.

That’s why it’s great for both experts and beginners alike; it’s easier to catch bass in depthless areas. You’ll also know when to fish for them. Bass typically swim in these shallow parts of water when they’re spawning. It’s also their favorite place to eat, making it a great spot to hook them. You’ll find them there during the spring and fall. Bass tend to swim into deeper waters during the summer and winter.

Bass Lure

Less Tangle with the Frog Tail

You probably took one look at the lure’s tail and felt dread at how many knots it can get into when you put it away. However, you won’t have to worry about that with this product. There might be anglers out there that have no experience with this type of topwater lure. For those fishermen, let’s give you a typical scenario commonly associated with other similar kinds of bait: you go out to the perfect fishing spot. Since you had some good catches with the long-tailed lure last time, you decide to use it again today. You open the tackle box only to find the tails to be in all variations of knots.

It can be irritating to start your fishing trip with you untangling your lures for half an hour. No matter how gently you carry around your tackle box, the tails still somehow manage to get in a frustrating coil of madness. Instead of treating that sort of lure like it’s one-time-use only, you can opt to get the hollow body frog. The reason it probably doesn’t tangle is because of the material the tail is made of. It seems to be composed of soft, plastic wiring, a substance that typically doesn’t get into knots easily on its own.

Sturdy Frogs Make Happy Anglers

Catching bigger prey means you’ll need a strong lure. You don’t want something that wears after just one fishing trip. The LiveTarget Frog is a strong product that’s sure to last until it’s typically time to purchase a new lure. Indeed this topwater is good with catching those subtle bites. However, you’ll still encounter those tense catches that put up a good fight. Anglers want a lure that will survive those rough times.

When you catch a fish with this lure, you might notice that it slides up the line. Having to readjust the hollow body with each catch can seem inconvenient. You’ll find, though, that this contributes to the lure’s lasting feature. Every time you catch a bass, they’ll be chomping down on that bait. It’ll surely wear faster if you’re fighting to catch that fish while it has the lure in its mouth. That’ll be less likely to happen if you set the hook and have the hollow body slide up the line while trying to catch the bass.

livetarget hollow body lure

The Lure Looks Realistic

The LiveTarget lure is designed to look like a real frog. That might be a given, but there is plenty of tackle out there that’s all about being colorful and a vague representation of fish food. This product is all about blending in with the natural environment. That’s why LiveTarget lures designed their topwater to look like a frog. Frogs are commonly found in shallow waters and are part of the bass diet. The lure’s detailed pattern is sure to fool any fish looking to eat an amphibian for breakfast.

Unlike dogs, most fish are not colorblind. With that said, the hollow body frogs come in a range of colors. You could research the area you want to go fishing in and see which kinds of frogs are typically found in the shallow waters. The colors and designs represent frog species that actually exist. They’re not throwaway hues like pink and purple. Though purple frogs exist, the chances are that the bass you’re fishing for has never seen them before.

Here are what some of the 12 available colors represent:

  • The bright green looks like a species of tree frog.
  • Green brown can resemble many frog species out there.
  • Albino white is great for winter fishing.
  • The green yellow lure is the most popular color used for this tackle.
  • Brown black can be utilized at night or in darker, shaded areas for increased effectiveness.
  • The yellow belly of the Emerald Red lure is closer to what bass are used to seeing.

If you’re unsure about which one you should get, then start with the green-yellow lure. Once you get used to it, you can then try out other colors and compare their effectiveness. Yellow black and emerald brown are also very popular. 

catching a bass on a hollow body frog

A Must for Competitive Fishing

An angler with years of experience has mastered various techniques to help them catch various kinds of fish. Without the right equipment, however, it could be difficult to capture their aquatic prey. The hollow body frog is a fishing must-have because of its accuracy and high-catch rate. When it comes to fishing, it’s a sport based on luck. Even if you narrow down the factors to increase your chances of hooking your prey, there is still no guarantee that you’ll catch something with every cast. That’s why a tool like this hollow body frog will tighten the circumstances and give you a leg up over your competitors.

The typical goal of a fishing tournament is to catch a heavier fish than everyone else. This fishing lure is designed to attract bigger aquatic prey, like bass. That doesn’t mean that it will catch the eye of the largest one in the body of water. There are multiple reasons why the huge ones will notice yours first. The color of the lure is hard to miss. They’ll want to take a bite when they get close enough, so you’ll have better luck when you aim for the bigger ones.

Can Handle Underwater Brush

Sometimes fish like to swim in areas that are cluttered. Places with lily pads and various manners of underwater plants contain plenty of smaller prey for the bigger game. Trying to hook bass in those shallow areas can be difficult. Your lure can get stuck in all of that vegetation, and you might not get it back. That’s why you need bait tackle that can handle these harsh conditions without getting lost. The hollow body frog can swim in these kinds of waters with ease.

Many of us typically associate frogs with lily pads. One factor that’s great about this lure is that you can fish it over these kinds of plants. It helps make them look more realistic. You could also walk this lure over various kinds of vegetation, including:

  • matted grass
  • reed beds
  • moss

Anglers wouldn’t have to worry about it tangling with these plants or having to buy a new hollow body. This lure is designed for swimming through those obstacles almost as easily as an actual frog would.

Twice the Hooks, Double the Chances

A lure with two hooks isn’t the overkill some might think it is. For a giant fish like bass, it could provide a better hold on them while you’re reeling them in. There have been debates on whether a single or a double hook is better for angling. It can depend on the fish, but we say two grapples are better than one with the larger aquatic game. The Live Target Frog Lure contains two hooks sharp enough to snare fish easily. They’re pretty good quality, but we advise extra careful handling of the tackle because of how pointy it is.

A sharper hook can increase your chances in interesting ways. Did you know you can snare a fish by accident? If the hook is pointed enough and the fish swims to the lure at the right speed, then it can happen. Of course, that isn’t a common occurrence. It is a testament to how better equipment can strengthen your luck. It has twice the sharp hooks so that you can get twice the advantage.

We recommend this tackle for anglers of all experiences. There’s a reason the lure has won the 2010 Best Soft Cast Lure Award. The bait looks like a very realistic frog, and it comes in multiple colors. It swims through various vegetation and similar obstacles relatively easily. It’s a durable lure that can potentially last for years to come, regardless of how soft it is. The LiveTarget Hollow Body Lure is a valuable addition to a bass angler’s tackle box.

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