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Livetarget Sunfish Lure

Anglers live for fishing, and choosing the right bait and lure is essential for fishing. Without the proper fishing lure, you cannot catch fish, and you will have to waste hours sitting by your hook. However, when you buy bait or lure, you do not understand how good or effective it will be until you try it out. Therefore, you need someone to give you a detailed LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body Lure breakdown before you buy it.

This particular lure won the ICAST Best of Show Soft Lure Award back in 2015 and is known for versatility and castability. However, you need to know whether or not it is suitable for your fishing style and requirements. A detailed LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body Review will help you familiarize yourself with different aspects of this soft-bodied topwater bait and let you decide yourself.

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Live Target Sunfish Bait

What Does the LiveTarget Sunfish Lure Offer?

The market offers access to hundreds of different soft-bodied topwaters for the fishing season. However, not all of these are up to the mark, and not all of these baits can easily trap the fish. This is why you need to find the best bait for your fishing activities. Anglers usually rely on live worms, but most anglers are moving towards hollow body baits with the advancements in the field.

This is where LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body bait jumps in and saves the day with amazing attributes and features perfect for catching a wide array of fish with ease. If you consider yourself a bass fisherman, you will be happy to know that hollow body Live Target sunfish is among the favorite baits for catching largemouth bass and norther pike.

This bait can make unpredictable movements that easily entice the fish below the water surface and bring them to the top. You can move it fast to create a bubble trail to trap the fish, or you can take your time and go for the amazing dogwalk technique to get your favorite fish. Let’s take a look at some of the top attributes of this bait.

Sunfish hollow body

The Resemblance with Real Prey

One of the best features of using this bait is that it resembles the look of real prey. It imitates a frantic sunfish’s movements with unpredictable movements to create massive strikes and waves in

the water. These movements are enough to entice any fish below the water surface towards the bait.

You will have a real looking wild prey as your bait to get the attention of your favorite fish without any issues. You will not have to waste your time sitting by the shoreline, waiting for fish to bite your hook. Instead, they will come to you like a hungry predator looking for its prey. You can get this sunfish bait in 12 amazing colors:

  • The blue-yellow pumpkinseed resembles an actual sunfish’s color scheme and will get more bass and pike towards the hook.
  • The bronze and copper pumpkinseed are ideal for fishing in open waters as these can easily be viewed by any target under the surface of the water.
  • If you want to go for winter fishing, the brilliant fluorescent pumpkinseed, natural blue pumpkinseed, and natural olive bluegill is perfect for you. These three colorways are easily visible underwater in the winter season, and these will bring home more fish than other colors.
  • You can also get this sunfish bait in green bronze pumpkinseed, midnight metallic bluegill, natural green bluegill, olive metallic bluegill, and pearl olive pumpkinseed. All of these options come with their own set of pros and cons, and you can choose your favorite color depending upon the environment and fishing area.
Sunfish lure

Walking The Fish

Another amazing benefit of using the LiveTarget sunfish hollow body bait is that it is much easier and simpler to walk than frog bait. It comes with a crescent body shape that makes the bait almost ideal for walking any way you want. You can go for a fast run and create bubble trails to trap the fish, or you can take it slow and go for the dogwalk method to capture the fish’s attention.

You can easily change the walking style based on your twitching method. If you want to go for a wider walk, you can go for longer twitches, and the bait will quickly give you a wider walk. If you want to shorten the walk of this bait and go for a tight circle, you can try quick twitches. This bait comes with the natural side-to-side walking action that allows you greater control over the walking action.

One of the unique features of this bait is the forward twitch mechanism. If you go for quick twitches while the bait is facing forward, it will jump out of the water and ramp upwards due to its crescent-shaped body type. This allows you to continuously create bubble trails in the water and attract a wider array of fish towards the surface. This is ideal for anglers as this front-facing twitch mechanism imitates actual sunfish that is trying to flap its tail and move around the water.

Amazing Castability

It’s time to look at the versatile and long-range castability of this bait. As an angular, you will be happy to know that LiveTarget sunfish hollow body top water lure offers versatile and amazing castability under all conditions. You can go for shorter, medium, or longer casts in windy or non-windy situations and expect flawless performance from this bait.

It will almost always land where you want it to land, and it will create a nice slap when it’s landing in the water. Moreover, the crescent-shaped body type allows you to cast this sunfish bait in areas where you cannot use a frog bait or any other bait.

It comes with more weight than some of the other frog baits in the market, and this sunfish bait offers a more streamlined body type that can be used to cast over a mile. This allows you a longer cast range, and you can throw it past your target area and slowly walk it back to the actual spot.

This way, you can obtain more control over your casting activities, and you can catch more fish than before. It also makes a nice large splash when it hits the water, and this is good because you want to create a distraction to attract your target.

The weight of this sunfish bait allows you to cast it over long ranges without any issue in any weather condition. This way, you can easily and quickly obtain more control over your sunfish bait even when it’s windy outside. It doesn’t stray from its path, and you can keep controlling its walking actions with the help of the reel.

underwater shot

Perfect for Fishing in Heavy Cover

You cannot just use any ordinary bait for fishing in sparse covers or heavily covered areas. Therefore, if you are going fishing in a heavily vegetated area, you will need a bait that can easily be cast into the water without worrying. The LiveTarget sunfish hollow body is ideal for smaller areas and is also perfect for sparse covers and heavily vegetated areas.

The next time you are out fishing in vegetation, you can use this sunfish bait to dangle it over a hole or through the gap in different mats for an extended time to get the attention of bass. The weight of this sunfish bait allows you to dangle it over a small area for a longer period without any problems.

Therefore, this sunfish bait is perfect for sparse covers like lily pads or mats. The small gaps between different mats and pads allow you to enjoy maximum performance from this bait. Moreover, a sunfish bait also offers the perfect alternative for fish that are not in the mood to go for any frog bait.

You can have maximum control over this bait in a heavily covered area, and you can jump it from one gap to another with a few twitches in the forward direction. In addition to this, you do not have to worry about casting it in a larger area as you can quickly move it around and get it to the actual gap or spot with a few right twitches.

Livetarget Sunfish Hollow Body Lure

What Are the Pros of Sunfish Hollow Body Lure?

  • One of the best benefits of using this sunfish bait for your fishing activities is that it walks in an excellent manner. It offered you maximum control over the walking action, and you can use quick twitches or slow twitches to change the walking action from bubble trails to dogwalk mechanism.
  • The weight of this bait allows you to cast a mile from your actual spot. This way, you can quickly enjoy greater control over this bait, and you can also dangle and control it perfectly in windy conditions. The weight allows you to cast it in a larger area and then slowly move it to the actual spot with a few quick twitches.
  • The crescent-shaped body of this sunfish bait also allows you maximum control over the walking action, and it also allows you to make the bait jump out of the water like a real fish. Therefore, this bait can imitate an actual sunfish’s actions flapping around in the water, and it will get more fish towards the hook.
  • You do not need to get it ready for fishing activities, and this bait comes ready out of the box for action. You will not need to bend any hooks or trim the legs to get it ready for your fishing adventures. You can pull it out of the box, attach it to your fishing rod, and cast it anywhere you want.
  • This sunfish bait comes in 12 amazing colors that can be used for different seasons and fishing environments. You can use a lighter color when you go for winter fishing, and you can use darker pumpkinseed colors when you go fishing in vegetation or heavily covered areas. The final choice depends upon your fishing environment.
  • It offers a great hookup ratio and helps you catch a fish every time you cast it into the water. It comes with amazing and powerful double Lazer Trokar hooks that get into the top of the mouth of any fish that tries an attempt at your bait.
  • Another amazing benefit of using LiveTarget hollow body top water lures for your next fishing adventure is that you will not have to empty it every time you cast it into the water or reel it back. Anglers have used it in the past, and according to them, you will only need to empty the bait every 8 to 10 throws. This way, you can get the best out of your fishing adventures without having to empty the bait every single time you have to cast it.

What Are the Cons of Sunfish Hollow Body Lure?

  • One of the major drawbacks of using the LiveTarget hollow body sunfish bait is that the included hooks are often way too sharp for the body. Therefore, some anglers have reported problems where the hooks were so sharp that they dug into the hollow body of the bait.
  • Another drawback of using this sunfish bait is that it creates a large disturbance and splash when it hits the water. This may be considered a pro when you have to create a distraction to attract your favorite fish, but most anglers dislike the large splash and disturbance it creates when it hits the water.
  • This bait may be a little too expensive for some anglers who are used to spending around four to five dollars for traditional frog baits. Therefore, spending north of ten dollars seems like a lot to occasional anglers.

Final Thoughts

The core components of fishing are patience, patience, more patience, and the right bait. Without the right bait, you will have to spend hours sitting and waiting to catch something. However, with the LiveTarget hollow body sunfish bait, you can get more fish than before. This bait offers an excellent walking action, nice hookup ratios, sharp hooks, and accurate color schemes to entice the target and lure it towards the surface. We recommend it for sparse covers and diverse fishing environments with ample vegetation.

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